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Below are links to pictures that you may find interesting, which include past events or news items of interest. 

2019 Penarth Snowcat Cinema Click - HERE

2017 P-A Memorial Rugby Match at KRFC Click - HERE 

David Robinson's IronManWales click - HERE

BIG LUNCH click - HEREEdit Page

Daffodil Bike Challenge click - HERE

Past Marathon Pictures: click - HERE

Chris Short Radical Race Pictures: click - HERE

Christmas Card Sales: click - HERE





We value media support to broadcast our aims & objectives publicly to raise awareness and support to help end the permanence of Spinal Cord Injury Paralysis.


If you can assist by promoting Trust PA Spine Intervention through any public medium (TV, Online, print) please get in touch, see our contact details and access links in the panel below.


We have material and information available at short notice, which has always been useful to share & get the message over to people.

We look forward to hearing from you.