Funding treatments to end paralysis...

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How To Help

Much of the money raised by Trust PA so far has been provided by friends, family and individuals. If you are interested in helping us to end paralysis, here are some successful ideas which work …


GOOD IDEA - SET UP A FUNDRAISING PAGE - this is free to you,

                                            at our new partner Wonderful - 

                                                      Or to use - 'GoFundMe' -      

Just right for; marathons, fundraising events, competitions or birthday/milestone donations etc.

A great, easy way for people to support you directly, while saving all the hassle of handling cash.

NB: All donations will be transferred to Trust PA, - 

                Plus the Extra GIFT AID which increases any donations from tax payers by 25%   

                                  (so £10 becomes £12:50) & this can all happen easily online.




Help us both at NO COST - by Decuttering & Donating unwanted STUFF including: Books, DVD, CDs Electronic Games.





Organise a social event to raise money. 

How often do you find yourself saying to people “We must meet up”?

Raising money could provide the excuse you need to pull out that diary. One of our most successful events was “A Night at the Races” how about scrabble challenge, card playing night, snakes & ladders or murder mystery. Even try a sponsored party…Coffee morning… BBQ… or cheese & wine night…

Need to lose a couple of kilo’s for the holidays/wedding or just to get fit? Motivation helps with a sponsored diet, there are many – www.Zoe worked for me lost 2 stone & saved my life - still slim. Why not get your friends to sponsor you per Kilo lost, in aid of Trust PA?...

TO DOWNLOAD A Trust PA Sponsorship Form   HERE 


To help you we have plenty of options from planning, organising, running events to Buckets, Pamphlets, Banners, Posters, Collection Boxes etc. We may even be able to assist with the event if necessary. 


We are Partnered with ONLINE Platforms:

Facebook -  Pay Pal Giving Fund - Wonderful

If you have any question or query do get in touch.